Snoot [noun]

Definition of Snoot:


Synonyms of Snoot:

Opposite/Antonyms of Snoot:


Sentence/Example of Snoot:

Well, you hit Linski in the snoot, so what are you— Sit still!

Nine whole feet from stub of tail to snoot, plumb full of cussedness, too.

Like enough he'll learn to get the potato off'n the snoot of the can before long.

Asking questions in a matter such as this was a fine way to get a bust in the snoot.

But if Eymogene gets into my bed again tonight I declare I'll bust her on the snoot, no matter what the park regulations is.

If he didn't have that big typesetter from Albany over at the Banner office to back him up I'd go over an' bust his snoot fer him.

You have to cotch him by the snoot so he won't squeal, and clomp him tight while you knife him.

He never stopped to snoot and paw up the ground and sob himself into bronchitis over old Rienzi.

John Toomey got hit with a hockey block rite in the snoot and broke his nose.

Every now and then I would play dog by sticking my snoot down in the hole to smell.