Snooze [noun]

Definition of Snooze:

light sleep

Synonyms of Snooze:

Opposite/Antonyms of Snooze:

Sentence/Example of Snooze:

The day's beginning to break but I think I'll take a Sunday morning snooze.

Wal, younker, if you've no 'bjection you can lay down and snooze till morning.

Then they snooze for five hours and they're ready for another long stretch.

But there's no telling, it's the old game—Here goes for a snooze.

Then Berrie said, firmly: “Now you must take a snooze, you look tired.”

There now, old man, just belay all that, and let me finish my snooze.

Poor Billy puffed and panted, and at last declared that “he must have a snooze.”

They sat back to back, and thus, in the form of a tripod, began to snooze.

After we eat, I'm going to find a cot, lie down, and take a snooze.

Her ladyship seems to be taking a snooze on the quiet, my lady.