Snored [verb]

Definition of Snored:

make sounds when sleeping

Synonyms of Snored:

Opposite/Antonyms of Snored:


Sentence/Example of Snored:

Jim did not answer, and a snore seemed to indicate that he was slumbering.

Then she p'inted down the hatch and shut her eyes and purtended to snore.

The cry was quickly followed by the "snore" of a boat's fog-horn.

She had heard him snore rather louder than before far into the afternoon.

I must say he does not snore but I believe it is because he is too crazy to sleep.

The Englishman collapsed on the doorstep, and began to snore.

"God, I envy a man who can snore through a gas-mask," said Randolph.

From it, or from the organ immediately above, the snore proceeded.

He had been asleep most of the time, for we heard him snore.

It came from the thicket, and it sounded very much like a snore.