Snowball [verb]

Definition of Snowball:


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Sentence/Example of Snowball:

He knew that the whole world is a snowball, and that all the stars are snowballs.

The snowball missed her, and came with a great bang against the barrel.

But they do, and most of them look as dignified as can be, in spite of the snowball.

You seem to be aiming at me as directly as a small boy aims his snowball.

Another old-time enjoyment of that date was a snowball fight.

Just as he thought that, a bird flew up from the snowball bush.

He turned to find Bill on the lawn with a snowball in one hand.

"I suppose he spilled some of the salt on the ground," said Snowball.

He was a wild, unruly fellow, bigger and older than Snowball.

Snowball showed that he had not forgotten his lesson of the afternoon before.