Snubbed [verb]

Definition of Snubbed:

give someone the cold shoulder

Synonyms of Snubbed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Snubbed:

Sentence/Example of Snubbed:

You see—Lady Coryston has not only snubbed me—she has insulted father.

The other women agreed with him, and snubbed the ignoramus, who retired from the controversy.

She thanked me and all that; but she snubbed me just the same.

Now, as Private Secretary, Balfour had snubbed this party repeatedly.

When an envoy is snubbed, he always asks for leave of absence.

He would have snubbed the cigar if he thought Conroy was inclined to moderation.

She had snubbed him no more than usual that night, and generally he took it very meekly.

The caller who had been snubbed so bluntly turned on her heel.

Then they were snubbed down to the lake over the steep bank.

A number, I repeat, like the Four Danubes, should not be snubbed by any one.