Snubbing [verb]

Definition of Snubbing:

give someone the cold shoulder

Synonyms of Snubbing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Snubbing:

Sentence/Example of Snubbing:

It is you're the ruffian to him, snubbing him when he speaks good-naturedly to you.

"I don't see that there was any call for snubbing," he retorted angrily.

"I know just how Phil feels about papa's snubbing," she said to me.

She had a phrase for snubbing any anecdote that sounded improbable.

He never could resist the temptation of bantering and snubbing them.

"I daren't, after the snubbing I got yesterday," said Winnie.

And all this time she was snubbing him and his tentative approaches.

"The easiest beaten by a flank attack," said the Deacon, snubbing him.

Gourlay was pleased with Andy for snubbing Sandy Toddle's sister.

One time in a matter of this kind they gave a snubbing to a Kentish course.