Snuck [verb]

Definition of Snuck:

move stealthily

Synonyms of Snuck:

Opposite/Antonyms of Snuck:

Sentence/Example of Snuck:

Tammy met me a sniff from the dor and I snuck up and saw Calhan.

After all, I had been where I was because I'd snuck out of school.

Pretty soon she heard "Missus" call so she "snuck" out of the cornhouse.

She snuck up behind him and dropped a handful of gravel down the gap of his pants and into his underpants.

But when she said, 'No Neal,' I snuck out and hid under de high-up carrigge seat and went along jus' de same.

He snuck himself onto the roof of the grand hotel, which had a commanding view of the artificial savanna.

My dad ain't afraid of anything, so me and him both armed ourselves, and we snuck up to find out what had scared the hired girl.

I wanted to find out what his game was an' when he run onto Long Bill I snuck up an' listened to their powwow.

Cant see why all that fuss—more particular, why he snuck back here an tossed the knife through the bars after his bloody work.

I snuck another look at him as I sped along the Disney back-roads, lined with sweaty Florida pines and immaculate purple signage.