Snuffer [noun]

Definition of Snuffer:

smelling organ of animate being

Synonyms of Snuffer:

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Sentence/Example of Snuffer:

He could not put his head in it like a candle in a snuffer, for then he would not be able to see his way down.

They were at Snuffer's house, and saw the detectives pass, and started out with the avowed purpose of capturing them.

On the mantel-shelf stood two brass candle-sticks with snuffer and extinguisher.

The chewer and the snuffer get the effect through the tissue with which the tobacco comes in contact.

A squat, snug house, the eaves of whose steep gabled roof came down well over its two stories, like the snuffer on a candle.

The red cap acted like a snuffer on a candle, to put it out, and while under it, no goblin could be seen by mortal eyes.