Snuffled [verb]

Definition of Snuffled:

breathe in

Synonyms of Snuffled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Snuffled:


Sentence/Example of Snuffled:

The boy began to sob, and drew his coat-sleeve across his eye with a snuffle.

From the stable came the snuffle and stamp of a feeding horse.

Snuffle and wheeze—snuffle and wheeze of the asthmatic Chinamans breathing.

Smoke: Snuffle the nose and raise the fingers of both hands several times, rubbing the fingers against each other.

While Fraulein waited, trembling, several of the girls began to snuffle and sob.

"You snuffle like a horse when he smells oats," joked the colonel.

I mean to say, when they snift they snift, and when they snuffle they—as it were—snuffle.

If he snuffle at the nose, he must snuffle cheerfully and with hope.

Do not whine or snuffle, but get ahead in the world while you can.

And you'll find one of 'em a native born comique who'll make you crack sides with a kick or a snuffle.