Snuggled [verb]

Definition of Snuggled:


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Sentence/Example of Snuggled:

Having learned to snuggle, White Fang was guilty of it often.

Shall I talk to you, Scheherazade, or let you snuggle into the chaste arms of Morpheus?

He let Sate get in too, and snuggle down right at their feet.

Everyone was tired and willing to snuggle down into their coats.

If I could be little and snuggle up to my mother as I imagine her to myself!

The best thing to do was to draw the robe about him and snuggle down to sleep.

Yet summoned on the most tremendous business For deliberation, still they snuggle in bed.

They toddle to the nurse and snuggle against her blue dress and white apron.

The little girl could not get close enough to the woman to snuggle up.

There now, Tommy, you just snuggle down and forget all about it.