Soaked [adjective]

Definition of Soaked:


Synonyms of Soaked:

Opposite/Antonyms of Soaked:

Sentence/Example of Soaked:

The book is soaked through and through with a strange beauty.

When you are ready to boil it, pour off the water in which it has soaked.

Have ready a pint of rice that has been well picked, washed, and soaked.

Her Sunday-school class had never been so tiresome nor so soaked in hair-oil.

And it turned out that his fishing clothes had been soaked in oil and tree-wax.

Right through the heart and what blood there had been was soaked up by his clothes.

Soon both of them were soaked from top to bottom and it was impossible to count the hits.

Yes, our generation has been soaked in romanticism, and we have remained impregnated with it.

In the month of March Coupeau returned home one evening soaked through.

She swallowed a glass of water in which she had soaked a box of matches.