Soaking [verb]

Definition of Soaking:

drench, wet

Synonyms of Soaking:

Opposite/Antonyms of Soaking:

Sentence/Example of Soaking:

After soaking and picking some fine Carolina rice, boil it in salt and water, until sufficiently tender, but not to mash.

You can remove a stamp from an envelope by soaking it in water.

Didn't you feel life itself running and soaking into you, sir?

She put her hand upon his bonnet and his sleeve and found them soaking.

This was made by soaking wheat and oats in a solution of strychnine.

Mother used to make mince pies by soaking pumpkin in vinegar.

The boys loaded the soaking figure into the wheel-barrow and carried him home.

Soaking in water is sometimes used as a good preparation for air-seasoning.

They must have got soaking wet if nothing worse had happened to them.

Soaking the company would just make them appeal instead of Voorhis.