Soapbox [noun]

Definition of Soapbox:

lesson, speech

Synonyms of Soapbox:

Opposite/Antonyms of Soapbox:


Sentence/Example of Soapbox:

The wagon he drew was a soapbox fitted with a pair of wheels from a go-cart.

Then they packed excelsior into all the vacant places in the soapbox.

The soapbox will be her cell, for it was so small she could not lie down in it.

He went over to the soapbox table, shorn of its gorgeous cover, the photograph alone adorning it.

He found a soapbox, and carried it over to the soft ring of light that streamed from the furnace door, and sat down.

If a soapbox be nailed at one end the baby may be put into this for a safe ride.

There stood the tree, wedged firmly into the soapbox support with flat irons around the base for ballast.

She saw where Cutty would drop, and now understood the cunning of the manoeuvre of placing the candle in front of the soapbox.

But I would never have gone up on a soapbox to support them.

The bobbin was a large one, and was placed in a soapbox of boxwood, with magnet core and iron diaphragm.