Soapy [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Soapy:

He stooped, thinking he had caught it, but took up only a handful of soapy foam.

Soapy pretended to weep, and Abe thumped him heavily on the back.

They were captained by one Smith, known as "Soapy," whom I had the fortune to meet.

We had got beyond the April freshets and there was in consequence a soapy smell about.

The solution of a base has a soapy feel and a brackish taste.

The hibernatorial ambitions of Soapy were not of the highest.

In Soapy's opinion the Law was more benign than Philanthropy.

But to one of Soapy's proud spirit the gifts of charity are encumbered.

Soapy had confidence in himself from the lowest button of his vest upward.

Soapy, with disgust in his heart, loafed along, twice unsuccessful.