Sobbing [noun]

Definition of Sobbing:


Synonyms of Sobbing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sobbing:


Sentence/Example of Sobbing:

Again came the cry, more gently, ending in a sort of sobbing monologue.

She moved about the room, sniffing and sobbing as she dusted.

She was crying bitterly, and sobbing as if her heart would break.

But then he buried his face in his hands and went on sobbing again.

"It is so cruel in you, brother Philip," replied Sidney, sobbing.

Then suddenly she was in his arms, shaking and sobbing, straining him to her.

All this time Fanny had been sobbing and crying, and still continued to do so.

And she ran off, sobbing, into the little guignol, where she had an attack of hysteria.

Morris was leaning against his friend, sobbing like a woman.

Sobbing, she lifted her face to him, and he kissed her for the last time.