Soberly [adverb]

Definition of Soberly:


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Sentence/Example of Soberly:

"It's a long time since I have had a woman friend, Christine," he said soberly.

"Very likely there's a large amount of truth in that," said Linda soberly.

"But that is exactly what I must tell you, Katy," said Linda soberly.

"You'd better save yourself a disappointment," said Linda soberly.

"Why, I dunno's there's anything in the way of it," she said, soberly.

The paper went the rounds and was soberly signed by each girl in turn.

As he nodded, soberly, she dropped the veil and restored her cap.

Soberly, it is a great and noble effort, and I've half a mind to love you for it.

"Issy's been talking about his face," explained Albert, soberly.

The other looked at him soberly a moment, then went off again.