Soberness [noun]

Definition of Soberness:


Opposite/Antonyms of Soberness:

Sentence/Example of Soberness:

In all soberness, then, all I am certain of is that she had a stick to swing.

Our appearance, the soberness of our gait made us conspicuous.

After awhile, the unhappiness disappeared, but the soberness remained.

But soberness and vigilance are necessary to enable one to pray.

But it will be found that I have spoken the words of truth and soberness.

Yet with all his soberness and steadiness he possessed imagination.

They will infallibly have a Philip or a Csar, to bleed them into soberness of mind.

It is an appeal from the passion of the hour to the soberness of years.

They know Miss Anthony spoke words of soberness and experience.

He cites them as models of soberness, mildness, and justice.