Sobers [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Sobers:

This fever will cure him, they say it sobers like bloodletting.

They often come for a warm soda in the morning, it sobers them.

We have our sobers and our drunks, our Hardy and our Belloc, and Chesterton.

We'll beat it right off, an' I hope to gosh Joe sobers up on the way!

I can hardly believe it, but we'll see what can be got from the man when he sobers up.

If he ever sobers up in this world, I'll give him a long piece of my mind.

This sobers me, and I promise seriously and faithfully to hold my tongue.

You know what he'll do—and when he sobers up, it may be too late.

It sobers the fellow, for the weight on his nose and the pulling on it hurts dreadfully, and often makes him squeal.

It is this feeling that sobers and steadies while it inspires the so-called working classes to-day.