Soccer [noun]

Definition of Soccer:

a sport

Synonyms of Soccer:

Opposite/Antonyms of Soccer:


Sentence/Example of Soccer:

He also loathed the betting element that defiled the Soccer game.

We had a "soccer" team, a "rugger" team, and a cricket eleven.

And, indeed, soccer was not at all popular for some time afterward.

Soccer is one of the relatively few English experiments in ellipsis.

Being able to run so fast, I might have been very good on the track team or at soccer.

Charles was only a Soccer Blue (and a goal-keeper at that), and Eric won.

This college should make "soccer" football one of its major sports.

Our soccer team was made up almost entirely of men who had been professional players.

When certain African tribes adopted the modern game of soccer, they placed it in the context of their rituals.

Soccer, even football, are sequential: the aim is to score higher than the opposing team.