Sociability [noun]

Definition of Sociability:


Opposite/Antonyms of Sociability:

Sentence/Example of Sociability:

There is a further direct advantage in the sparrow's sociability.

At Colonel Shepard's request we "lashed boats" for the sociability of the thing.

But American sociability is not like the Trafalgar fountains.

The great point in favour of the automobile is its sociability.

The country ways of sociability had not all gone out of date.

Her roses bloomed all the year and her sociability increased with her row of prizes.

All human association is due primarily to the instinct for sociability.

The great charm about the Black Forest house is its sociability.

For an instant Miss Tita hesitated; then her sociability was too much for her.

He's worse, from any view-point of sociability, than a man who drinks a glass of water.