Socialistic [adjective]

Definition of Socialistic:

generally known; held in common

Synonyms of Socialistic:

Opposite/Antonyms of Socialistic:

Sentence/Example of Socialistic:

With all this socialistic molly-coddling, you're losing sight of the individual.

There are no socialistic or anarchistic traits in his blood.

He is a very clever fellow, although he has got the Socialistic bee in his bonnet.

Conservatives were prone to call it socialistic or revolutionary.

Nothing further than hearing of him as a socialistic agitator.

Presley's Socialistic poem, "The Toilers," had an enormous success.

Needless to add that he had no sympathy with his brother's socialistic opinions.

Is this notion individualistic, socialistic, or how would you characterize it?

I do not mean by this an individualistic, as against a socialistic, philosophy.

The socialistic newspapers said that it was pure ostentation.