Socializing [verb]

Definition of Socializing:

be friendly at gatherings

Synonyms of Socializing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Socializing:

Sentence/Example of Socializing:

What remains to be done is the socializing of the political mechanisms.

Meanwhile, amongst the Americans, the socializing process had begun.

To be sure the church can greatly help in this socializing process.

What change would be necessary to the socializing of this concern?

At one particular and vital point this shows painfully, and that is her slowness in socializing her home.

The educative and socializing value to the class presenting the exercise is almost invaluable.

To use the terms of Chapter I., we may call this a rationalizing and socializing process, though not a conscious moral process.

It has far more need that its school shall be a stimulating, organizing, socializing force than has the town or city.

This country church here thought of need be no less a religious affair, but it must become distinctively a socializing agency.

There is one industry in the world which may be called, more than any other, a socializing factor in our modern life.