Societal [adjective]

Definition of Societal:

pertaining to society

Synonyms of Societal:

Opposite/Antonyms of Societal:


Sentence/Example of Societal:

The body of the folkways constitutes a societal environment.

It became a societal institution and a function of the state.

All are forced to conform, and the folkways dominate the societal life.

They are reactions produced in the individual by the societal environment.

They did not verify when the attempt was made to use them for societal needs.

In this example, both military and societal values are targets.

The nuclear family of the civilization of literacy has been absorbed in the illiterate dynamics of societal functioning.

The target set encompasses both military and societal values.

It is, therefore, the competition of life which is the societal element, and which produces societal organization.

The notion of societal welfare was not wanting, although it was never consciously put before themselves as their purpose.