Sociology [noun]

Definition of Sociology:

social psychology

Synonyms of Sociology:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sociology:


Sentence/Example of Sociology:

He was a man of science, a student of and writer on sociology and biology.

This autobiography is a powerful book of love and sociology.

The author is a student of sociology and knows much about West Africa.

I thought of it first that day we had a lecture on monopolies in sociology.

If he had little psychology he had not even a conception of 'sociology.'

Seven of them offer these courses under their departments of sociology.

No rule in Arithmetic is plainer than this law of Sociology, and Nationalism is its expression.

In the studies in sociology there is now a strong current toward Socialism.

Sociology seeks out the laws and principles that unify all the rest.

If sociology is to have its rightful place in the world it must become a science for the people.