Soda [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Soda:

Soak the beans overnight and then parboil them in soda water.

It is produced by the action of zinc-dust on the acid sulphite of soda.

The worthy man took me in, gave me some soda water, and some good advice.

The next layers of the same fiber are moistened with silicate of soda.

He had no least notion what might be the price of soda water.

Sent away the chap's sherry and had 'em bring whiskey and soda.

"You must come in and have a whisky and soda," she said to Wrayson.

Whisky and soda, wine and sandwiches were upon the sideboard.

She helped herself to soda water from a siphon on the sideboard.

Heneage ordered a large brandy and soda, and drunk half of it at a gulp.