Sodded [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Sodded:

"We can have the hole filled in and sodded over next spring," says Vee.

If the new earth can be sodded it aids greatly in concealing the trench.

The thud of them over the sodded prairies was rapidly decreasing.

Then the roof was covered with dirt about a foot deep and sodded over.

Have I been sodded down with Johnson grass by a pink-eyed snoozer, or what?'

Before us the sodded bank rounded off ten feet the river itself.

Some pastures are now in fine condition that were sodded thirty years ago.

In dry weather, a sodded area may be mulched with a half inch of fine loam to protect it.

These upright pieces are interwoven with osiers, after which, the whole is covered with earth, though not sodded.

The race-course is not like those in the United States, but is a sodded strip extending about half a mile in a straight line.