Sofa [noun]

Definition of Sofa:


Synonyms of Sofa:

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Sentence/Example of Sofa:

And then she saw, on the sofa at one side of the place, a human form under a sheet.

He was placed upon a sofa in the dining-room from which he never moved.

Then she lay down herself on the sofa beside her bed, sorely exhausted.

Then she sat down in the corner of the sofa, exhausted but alert.

She makes me nervous sitting there on that sofa staring at me!

You'll find the sofa in the parlor on the right, and can't miss it.

Mr Verloc, after a grunt of disapproving surprise, returned to the sofa.

His hat, which he must also have thrown off, rested overturned under the edge of the sofa.

But when he got it from under the sofa he held it as if he did not know the use of a hat.

The head and shoulders of Mr Verloc were hidden from her by the high side of the sofa.