Soffit [noun]

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The soffit is flat, with a round moulding at the inner and the outer edge.

A projection upon the soffit of the Doric corona, which originally marked the position of the rafter-ends beneath the sheathing.

The lower surface or soffit of the arch is the intrados, E, and the upper surface the extrados, F.

Flat arch, where the soffit is horizontal and sometimes slightly cambered (dotted line).

They have a heavy abacus, which, as well as the soffit of the round arch, is enriched with flowered work.

The rails were laid along the bottom of the trough within a few inches of the soffit or underside of the arch.

The two arches are of equal height—five feet to the chord and ten to the soffit.

Under the arch, which has panelled work in the soffit, there are two doors having four-centred arches, and above panelling.

The bond of an arch obtains its name from the arrangement of headers and stretchers on its soffit.

If the arch is in Flemish the soffit presents the same appearance as the elevation of a wall built in that bond.