Softly [adverb]

Definition of Softly:


Synonyms of Softly:

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Sentence/Example of Softly:

“Fair and softly,” said the printer with something of a smile.

He turned her face up to his own again, and softly kissed her wet eyes.

"It certainly is nice to be liked," returned Kathleen softly.

Then, still softly and swiftly, he lifted the saddle from its peg and put it on its back.

She went about looking at things, curious, touching them softly as if they were sacred.

She said, softly, (and again called me dear,) she was pleased with all I did.

Then softly and quickly she opened the door of the room and went in.

He had come in softly, and she had neither seen nor heard him.

"Now I believe so, also," said her mother, and softly wiped her eyes.

He put his hand paternally upon my knee, and patted it softly.