Softwood [noun]

Definition of Softwood:

large plant enclosed in bark and shedding leaves

Synonyms of Softwood:

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Sentence/Example of Softwood:

Its range is more restricted than that of any other American softwood.

The medullary rays are numerous, and for a softwood they are prominent.

Some which are classed as hardwoods are softer than some in the softwood list.

Longleaf pine is as widely used as any softwood in this country.

Softwood or greenwood Cuttings are always rooted under cover; that is, in a greenhouse, coldframe or dwelling house.

It is apparent, therefore, that the terms hardwood and softwood are commercial rather than scientific.

The northern trees are softwood dwarfs, needle-leaved, flowerless, and cone-bearing.

The softwood cutting is made from tissue which is still growing, or at least from that which is not dormant.

Only the tip of the cutting is stuck into the sand; otherwise it is treated like other softwood cuttings.

There were plenty of splinters and ends of softwood that were mine by right of purchase and labour.