Soggy [adjective]

Definition of Soggy:

damp or soaking

Synonyms of Soggy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Soggy:






Sentence/Example of Soggy:

Something let go with a soggy snap, and the misty man was gone.

If the frying fat is not very hot when fish are put in, they will be soggy with it.

You know you don't want to go back to a dish of prunes and soggy cake.

Horace was even glummer than ever, as soggy as his own oatmeal.

Then he rose and, slapping his soggy hat on his head, walked out of the place.

In the oven was some soggy bread, and on the hearth some cold bacon.

In a corner was a heterogeneous mass of soggy, dirty garments.

The monotonous days, bleak and gray and soggy cold, drag by.

They were served about half cooked, and were small, wet, soggy and unpalatable.

Even at that, I suppose, the chocolate cakes would be wet and soggy.