Sojourned [noun]

Definition of Sojourned:

brief travel; visit

Synonyms of Sojourned:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sojourned:


Sentence/Example of Sojourned:

I have been greatly benefited by my sojourn in this lovely spot.

All good Americans, we are told, relegate the sojourn to a more distant future.

Now came the narrative of Bernadette's sojourn at Nevers, and then her death there.

So it is not at all surprising that he should be talked about now, when that sojourn was ended.

Wish I had a set of false whiskers to wear during my sojourn.

It is like a dream to me how I have come to sojourn in this peaceful valley.

It appears that Leonardo was ill-satisfied with his sojourn at Rome.

During his sojourn in Persia he had obtained an audience with Kerim Khan.

For, after all, what would be an invitation to Compigne to a sojourn here?

The shadow which had hung over the sojourn in Buffalo seemed to have lifted.