Sol [noun]

Definition of Sol:

brightest star

Synonyms of Sol:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sol:

Sentence/Example of Sol:

There's one thing I'm going to ask about on my next trip to Sol—if I make one!

That's Sol Cobb's henhouse and the old rooster is in, judgin' by the signs.

Well, if there is a ghost in that room it'll have its hands full with Sol Cobb.

All days, Christmas or any other, are alike to Sol when there's a dollar to be sighted with a spyglass.

She'd ought to have married Sol Berry when she had the chance.

After the train had gone Wingate and Captain Sol entered the station together.

Can't drag it out no longer, Sol, even if the other horse is took sick.

Captain Sol stood it for a while and then commanded silence.

Captain Sol was sitting in the ticket office, with the door shut.

Long's Sol was alive and could do his cobblin' we managed to get along somehow.