Sold [adjective]

Definition of Sold:

sold out

Synonyms of Sold:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sold:


Sentence/Example of Sold:

The prices of a few are inserted; sixteen blankets were sold.

The firm who sold it to me agreed that it should have none of the faults of the old one.

The day she sold Sidney material for a simple white gown, she was very happy.

He was not rude in words, but oh, so different from the oily people who sold me the things.

She pretended to be a cleaner and mender of lace, but she sold a good many other things.

Cnocnangraisheag asks Coignasgailean, "Have you sold your lambs?"

"He must have sold much more than five hundred copies by this time," he said.

Wouldn't she have sold her very soul, at one time, to have had Martin care for her like this?

He had sold an article and had been commissioned to do an interesting job.

I also sold my share in the Venus' voyage for one hundred and twenty dollars.