Soldierly [adjective]

Definition of Soldierly:


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Sentence/Example of Soldierly:

A soldierly compound of vanity, duty and the gambler's hope.

Major Harper, the oldest, most refined and most soldierly of them all, was also the handsomest.

Yet it is the fortune of war, and I should pay for my want of all soldierly caution.

But he carried himself with soldierly uprightness, and his speech was brisk.

They were a fine looking lot of men, bronzed and weather-beaten and soldierly.

The adjutant's last order crisped, coldly metallic, soldierly as ever.

"A fine place for a stand," he said, looking about him with a soldierly eye.

Carlier cleared his throat and said in a soldierly voice, "What nonsense!"

Hammersley's points were made in a proper and soldierly manner.

He is not of soldierly appearance, but for all that he will count as one more.'