Soldiers [noun]

Definition of Soldiers:

person serving in military

Opposite/Antonyms of Soldiers:


Sentence/Example of Soldiers:

You have seen duty and allegiance in the determined faces of our soldiers.

This will be the task of the soldiers, whom I need not tell to do their duty.

That winter when the days were cold, the food was low and the soldiers fretful.

But to do that she had to make friends with one of the soldiers.

The provincial captains are drumming up for soldiers, in every newspaper.

As a general thing, the English are traders and diplomats, rather than soldiers.

Do they not manoeuvre like soldiers who have seen stricken fields?

They were on a peninsula, as it were, while the soldiers were securing the isthmus.

But soldiers will accomplish a good deal to get nearer the enemy.

The soldiers, confident in their power, were under perfect control.