Solely [adverb]

Definition of Solely:

only, alone

Synonyms of Solely:

Opposite/Antonyms of Solely:

Sentence/Example of Solely:

We are at work not on the truth of passages, but solely on their meaning.

Her fears had been solely for my safety, and she had warned me!

He addressed himself to Mr. Vincent solely, and she listened at her ease.

But the error was solely with the boy; for what was innocence in her was but passion in him.

The scene however had been solely produced by the skill of Rodogune.

He is solely occupied with his rescue from spiritual perdition.

Solely, until the bewildered pupils could come to the rescue.

If ever he praised a limb, a tint, a contour, it was solely from the artistic point of view.

If he wanted to get rid of Camille, it was solely for the purpose of marrying Therese.

Therese desired her union with Laurent solely because she was afraid and wanted a companion.