Solemnity [noun]

Definition of Solemnity:


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Opposite/Antonyms of Solemnity:

Sentence/Example of Solemnity:

You know, my dear, that there is a good deal of solemnity among us.

But I can say, and say with truth, and solemnity, that the idee didn't scare me none.

We marched along like this with all the stateliness and solemnity of camels!

Satisfied by the solemnity of my promise, Olivia now suffered me to depart.

What he said was very gentle, and it seemed to me it was his solemnity that made him gentle.

The solemnity of the scene accorded with the importance of his undertaking.

Others are of silk, and in colour varied according to the solemnity of the day.

Happier, if he know the solemnity of that relation and honor its law!

An awe seemed to be cast over her by the solemnity of that great moment.

He was buried with a sepulchre transcending in solemnity the lot of ordinary mortality.