Solemnly [adverb]

Definition of Solemnly:


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Sentence/Example of Solemnly:

Then the other lady said, solemnly, 'My dear Mrs. Meredith, it is too true.

"Promise you won't laugh and I'll tell you," said Jessica solemnly.

"You are doing yourself no good by your talk," he said solemnly.

I treated it all as a joke, but he solemnly assured me that he meant it.

"I am thinking of an August day long ago," said Seth, solemnly and softly.

His hand shook as he took them solemnly out and gave them to her.

"That chance is the destiny that hurries me to my tomb," answered Almamen, solemnly.

Mr. Connal was not content till this promise was solemnly repeated.

She kisses his lips; he kisses hers; they solemnly bless each other.

"Yes," he said, solemnly; and touched his bedewed white forehead with a handkerchief.