Solicitation [noun]

Definition of Solicitation:

proposal; asking

Synonyms of Solicitation:

Opposite/Antonyms of Solicitation:

Sentence/Example of Solicitation:

After the husband is deserted, the children are objects of her solicitation, and they are visited.

For he would not have assumed the office but for her solicitation, she knew well.

On the way Winnifred, at the solicitation of the Marchioness, related her story.

At my solicitation he gave me a hearing—at his own home—treated me best in the world.

The dog will worry us by its fuss, its solicitation, its desire to be petted.

There was nothing equivalent to solicitation or inducement from beginning to end.

But solicitation and expostulation were thrown away on Grenville.

Woolridge's itself was a perpetual tempting and solicitation.

Expressionless, save for a glance of solicitation at her father's back.

You would not have solicited his acceptance, but yielded to his solicitation of yours.