Solicited [adjective]

Definition of Solicited:


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Sentence/Example of Solicited:

Dreading a rejection, I solicited the interest of the merry damsel.

It has been solicited on the gentleman's part, but none has been made.

I have been solicited by many friends to become a candidate for the Legislature.

She solicited me to go with her; but the education of my daughter did not permit.

Diana, the Duchess of Valentinois, solicited him by daily messages.

He "was said" to have solicited a commission in the English army.

He, Whiskey Dick, the solicited escort of these two beautiful and peerless girls!

Nature had given them one son—an only one, because they had not solicited Nature for more.

De Caen solicited an interview with Champlain, which was conceded.

I had also solicited the favour of writing to my family for the last time.