Soliciting [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Soliciting:

One was from a manufacturer of cold cream, soliciting a testimonial.

The monarchs of foreign countries often wrote to him soliciting his aid.

At dawn of day I found every person complaining, and some of them soliciting extra allowance; but I positively refused it.

Well, is that all you had to say to me in soliciting an audience?

For this purpose Gallaudet and a few others set about soliciting contributions.

My soliciting season is come, and will last as long as the session.

Patrick has been soliciting to come to me again, but in vain.

Others ran after possible purchasers, soliciting them, bothering them.

If that law gives you less, they deceive you, in soliciting you to maintain it.

I have felt the mortification of soliciting for money as well as you.