Solicitor [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Solicitor:

The solicitor was by no means pleased with this way of settling the matter.

Now, if you like, I will see to getting the offices and to engaging a solicitor.

The solicitor, who had bidden them enter, did not at first offer them any salutation.

"A solicitor named Bentham," the Colonel repeated mechanically.

He is just finishing his law studies, and he will inherit his father's practice as a solicitor.

Better employ a solicitor, sir, in case anything should arise.

He was a solicitor, and my husband was obviously in some fear of him.

An accident transferred him to the office of a solicitor, and he was articled.

My own impression is that no London solicitor would have undertaken the job at all.

Yes, for that wasn't the Solicitor's Lucy—if, indeed, the solicitor had a Lucy.