Solids [noun]

Definition of Solids:

clump, mass

Synonyms of Solids:

Opposite/Antonyms of Solids:

Sentence/Example of Solids:

I've never been the dog to drop a good jawful of solids to snap at its shadow.

It is because solids have such strong cohesion that they are solids.

Here is an experiment in which you can get the gas, oxygen, out of a couple of solids.

A channel in any material, or made of any substance, for conveying liquids or solids.

He arrives at straight lines; then at solids; then at curves.

Cow's milk, like mother's milk, is made up of solids and water.

In some series, as the methane series, the higher members are solids.

In the case of solids, the atoms have not a free path in which to move.

Gases, liquids, and solids have been laid under contribution.

When we look to our planet, we find it to be an aggregate of solids, liquids, and gases.