Soliloquies [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Soliloquies:

(in similar vein most of the soliloquies of the name part), Her.

Let him attend to it, and keep his dreams and soliloquies for the daytime.

His Plain Dealer is commended, and the soliloquies of Zanga are eulogised.

Indeed, it was only on occasion of Uncle James's soliloquies that she had ever shown any strength of will.

We give pictures and figures, instead of dialogues and soliloquies.

There are many improbabilities, and the passions are exposed mainly in soliloquies.

It was only in the soliloquies and in the scenes with his wife that he revealed his devil's nature.

And in this respect, as in others, many of the soliloquies are master-pieces.

We have seen that there is no reference to Ophelia in the soliloquies of the First Act.

It has bits of soliloquies and other dodges of technique now demoded.