Soliloquizing [noun]

Definition of Soliloquizing:

reading to audience

Synonyms of Soliloquizing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Soliloquizing:

Sentence/Example of Soliloquizing:

“I shall refuse to serve,” said Richling, soliloquizing aloud.

"I—I—never thought you were like that," she said, almost as if soliloquizing.

He seemed in a deep reverie, and to be soliloquizing to himself by music.

She seemed to be soliloquizing, rather than addressing the stranger on her doorstep.

Might it not be that she was merely talking to herself,—soliloquizing?

He was speaking straight out in front of him as if he were soliloquizing.

A knock at the door put an end to his soliloquizing, and he was relieved to hear it.

It is so; but there is nothing absurd in the idea of such a mode of soliloquizing.

"You may, if you are fond of soliloquizing," she said, turning away as he rose.

On one occasion while soliloquizing thus he called her "Sue" unconsciously.