Solitariness [noun]

Definition of Solitariness:


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Sentence/Example of Solitariness:

On his table was the dust of solitariness; and with his finger he wrote in it "Forever."

Reardon had not been to call, but Jeff was too sick of solitariness to mind that.

One important limitation, however, belongs to this statement of solitariness.

It is loneliness—it is solitariness itself——' and he shuddered.

Your opportunity, for the solitariness of two, will be limited.

In fact, the solitariness of my life has been such that I have thought to change it.

We felt in a peculiar manner the solitariness of the wilderness.

In the solitariness of a gaol, the energy of De Foe projected the Review.

It is a solitary place, and its solitariness is its principal charm.

His remedies for "solitariness of spirit" are most practical.