Soloists [noun]

Definition of Soloists:

person who performs music

Synonyms of Soloists:

Opposite/Antonyms of Soloists:


Sentence/Example of Soloists:

This inspired Tony, and he became the soloist, and sang Italys national anthem.

His first appearance as a soloist is said to have been as Edwin, in 'Robin Hood.'

Richard was the soloist and always selected and began the hymns.

How should one manage the accompaniment for a soloist inclined to play rubato?

They give the soloist every incentive to the highest efforts.

The name of the soloist will not be made known until the concert.'

"Dear little girl, you seem quite as happy as if you were to be a soloist," said the lady.

His interest in the soloist waned, but the orchestra was enough.

This leads your bewildered friend to ask you what sort of soloist you prefer.

Ah, the soloist was the best—the lady who sang those sad songs.