Solons [noun]

Definition of Solons:

person who is authority

Synonyms of Solons:

Opposite/Antonyms of Solons:

Sentence/Example of Solons:

Solon was enjoying his certainty that he held the key to the situation.

Handkerchiefs for the schoolmaster, stockings and gloves for Solon!

Solon, regardless of his cooling kitchen, stood at the door and watched her.

This was abolished by Solon, except in the case of unchastity.

I guess I was mistaken, or 'twas just one of Solon Taylor's young ones.

The genealogies which you have recited to us out of your own annals, Solon, are a mere children's story.

Solon marvelled, and desired to be informed of the particulars.

Solon Eldridge was re-elected selectman and so also was Asaph Tidditt.

Tell us, said the other, the whole story, and how and from whom Solon heard this veritable tradition.

I have told you briefly, Socrates, what the aged Critias heard from Solon and related to us.