Solvable [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Solvable:

His occult breathings to her might be solvable by his course in that respect.

The whole question seems to me to lie in the proverbial nutshell, and to be solvable by the proverbial common sense.

Coleridge's unshaken conviction that it was solvable, inspired many with courage.

Facts in nature are connected by a thousand knots of which no one is solvable by human logic.

Some of them are shown to be solvable by recently developed spiritual laws, while others are proven to be founded wholly in error.

Green means the problem is solvable within the conditions set down.

This problem also is solvable in the simplest manner by the free mobility of labour involved in the principle of free association.

Such is the net meaning and position of the problem of the Absolute, which appears to me to be solvable.

The feeding of indigents was a problem not easily solved, if solvable.